Chiropractic Specific Online Courses

If we could show you how to take the uncertainty out of dealing with insurance companies and attorneys, would you like to know about it?


t ChiroWise we have created amazing online courses that teach chiropractors and their staff, just like you, exactly how to get paid by the insurance companies and keep the lawyer bullies from stealing your lunch money.

Interactive Programmed Courses

With these courses you have access to a workbook.

  • The workbook is a PDF file that you down load and print in your own office.
  • Each member your staff can have their own workbook.
  • A completed workbook is a standalone insurance manual (not simply a printout of a PowerPoint presentation).

Use this link to view and print the Sample Workbook

The videos in the courses are programmed to interact with the workbook.

  • Items that have been left blank in the workbook are completed by viewing the videos and physically filling in the blanks.
  • Students must pay attention to successfully complete the workbook.

Use this link to view the Sample Video

The courses also have an appendix section that contains

  • Supporting documents for the course
  • Forms that you can personalize for your clinic and start using immediately.

Online Course Advantages

  • You don’t have to take time away from your practice to attend.
  • Courses can be viewed 24/7 from home or office.
  • It’s no longer necessary to wait for the next available seminar date.
  • Seminar dates don’t have to be matched to dates that the staff will be available to attend.
  • Last minute cancellations caused by illness or family emergencies are no longer a factor.
  • Every member of your staff can print their own workbook and take the course without any additional charges.

And There's No Travel Involved

  • No reservations
  • No airline tickets
  • No humiliating security checks
  • No cab rides
  • No car rentals
  • No hotel expenses
  • No restaurant fees
  • No long drives
  • No parking fees
  • No valet parking
  • No bed bugs

You can sleep in your own bed, spend the weekend with your family, watch the ball game and save money at the same time.

Trial and error is the most expensive and most frustrating way to get this highly specialized information.