Fees for Copying Records

All office records, test results, x-ray films etc. are the property of the clinic. The doctor is required by law to maintain the records for a period of time after the course of treatment has expired.

Patients may request and are entitled to copies of their records but not the originals.  This includes x-rays!

Typically, the doctor must provide copies of records even if the patient has an outstanding balance. (He cannot demand payment before releasing records.)

Generally, state law allows doctors to charge the patient for copying the records. Most states specify the amount that can be charged.

For example, in Alabama the office can charge:

  • A search fee of $5.00
  • No more than $1.00 per page for the first 25 pages
  • No more than $0.50 per page in excess of 25 pages
  • Actual cost of mailing
  • Actual cost of copying x-rays and other special records

The amounts that you are allowed to charge vary by state. The following links allow you to access more information. Please note: we have not verified any information on these pages.

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