Medicare Fee Schedule

How much you are allowed to charge the Medicare patient for an adjustment and when you are allowed to collect it gets complicated. Plus, the fee schedule is updated every year and sometimes multiple times per year.

How much Medicare will actually pay for an adjustment is dependent upon several factors:

  • State and region in which the service is rendered (most states only have one region but California has 34)
  • Your participation status (PAR or Non-PAR)
  • Number of spinal regions adjusted
  • Your EHR meaningful use status
  • Your PQRS status
  • Whether or not you are accepting assignment (a Non-PAR doctor can accept assignment)
  • Whether or not the adjustment is considered active/corrective or maintenance
  • Whether or not the patient has met their part B deductible
  • Sequestration

You can get the current Medicare fee schedule for every state and region plus training on how to properly utilize Medicare fees in our Medicare Payments course (it’s only $9).

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