Option 2 on the Medicare ABN

Option 2 on the ABN form [the Advanced Beneficiary Notice] should not be used as a way to circumvent the requirement to file the Medicare claim for the patient.

Only in the event that a patient requests that you not file their Medicare claim, Option 2 on the ABN form can be used and the adjustment would then not be filed. However, this should be at the patient’s request.

You Should Never Coerce The Patient Into Selecting Option 2

In all the years that we have been helping Chiropractors properly process Medicare, there has only been one instance where Option 2 could legitimately be used. That occurred because the patient had had a bad experience with Medicare and simply didn’t want their claims filed.

You should also know that the patient can later change their mind and request that you file the charges and you must comply. And it might not be the patient but the executor of their estate.

Complete instructions on the ABN as well as how to properly modify services filed to Medicare are covered in our Medicare Course