Palmetto GBA Payer IDs and Mailing Address

Jurisdiction J which was administered by Cahaba GBA has been taken over by Palmetto GBA. This affects chiropractors in Alabama, Georgia and Tennessee.

If you are filing your claims electronically, your payer ID must be changed. The Palmetto electronic claim payer IDs are:

10112 (Alabama)
10212 (Georgia)
10312 (Tennessee)

The mailing address for part B claims to Palmetto GBA is:

Palmetto GBA
Attn: JJ Medicare Part B
PO Box 100306
Columbia, SC 29202-3306

Railroad Medicare

Retired railroad beneficiaries have their Part B benefits administered by the Palmetto GBA Railroad Retirement Board Specialty Medicare Administrative Contractor (RRB SMAC) regardless of where they live.

The railroad Medicare Payer ID for electronic claims is: 00882

The mailing address for railroad Medicare claims is:

Palmetto GBA Railroad Medicare
P.O. Box 10066
Augusta, GA 30999-0001

This address is also valid for appeal requests, general correspondence and inquiries to particular departments.