By Law You Are Required To Have A HIPAA Compliance Program In Place

HIPAA compliance is not one of our normal programs but it is important and though we are not directly involved with it we can direct you to the right place.

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) is a federal program that stipulates how the information that you maintain on your patients must be protected from fraud and theft.

Just being careful though is not enough. You are required to have a specific compliance program in place.

The problem is that a complete HIPAA program usually takes a 300-800 page manual along with about 100 pages of just the required policy language.

There Are Several Requirement For A HIPAA Program
  • Annual audit schedule
  • Physical plant audit
  • Compliance officer documents
  • Complaint resolution
  • Updated notice of patient privacy policy
  • Required forms
  • Required audits
  • Confidentiality statements
  • Business associate confidentiality contracts
  • Required risk analysis
  • Required annual compliance program review / evaluation
  • Information systems activity review
  • Security rules in-service and outline
  • Required policies and procedures for security rules
  • Required policies and procedures for security rules (adv 80-100 pgs)
  • Contingency plan with data recovery and emergency mode operation

The good news is that there is a program that takes the headache out of HIPAA compliance. Now you won’t have to eke it out bit-by-bit in convoluted, government-speak regulations.

You Can Get Compliant With A “Do It Yourself Kit”
You Can Have It Created For You With The “Silver” Program

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With this program you will receive the steps and you complete the program. It is a step-by-step, easily understandable approach that nearly any support staff can implement.

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Silver Program - $1794

With the “Silver Program,” you provide the information and your compliance manual will be created for you.

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With either of these programs you’re going to get the expertise and materials that you need to get into compliance.

But don’t put this off. You could be fined $50,000.00 for not having a compliance program in place.

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