Recommended Reading List

Dress for Success

John T Molloy

Two books detailing why it is so important to dress the part. Backed up with research.

  • New Dress for Success
  • New Women’s Dress for Success

I'm OK Your OK

Dr. Thomas A. Harris

Bestseller based upon the ideas of Transactional Analysis.

Out of the Chrisis

Edwards Deming

The internationally renowned consultant whose work led Japanese industry into new principles of management and revolutionized their quality and productivity.

Think And Grow Rich

Napoleon Hill

Classic book detailing how to adjust your thinking to attract wealth.

The Magic Power of Emotional Appeal

Roy Garn

Insight into how a person’s emotional makeup affects their decision making process.

The Treasure of the Sierra Madre

Starring Humphrey Bogart

Though this is a movie and not a book, we recommend it to any doctor accepting auto accident cases. It’s a study in greed – the kind that surfaces when a case is about to settle.

Bradshaw On: The Family

John Bradshaw

Insights into the cause of emotionally impaired families.