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Indicating Assignment on the Claim Form

A short definition of assignment is, “who gets the money | insurance check | EOB.” The insured is the beneficiary of the insurance. In order for you to receive the insurance payment from the insurance company, you need permission from the insured (or other authorized person usually the spouse or parent). Accepting Assignment The insured […]

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VA Claims

Chiropractic services are part of the standard Medical Benefits Package available to all eligible Veterans. All paper claims (HCFA-1500) should be mailed to: VHA Office of Community Care PO Box 30780 Tampa FL 33630-3780 … where they will be converted into EDI (electronic) format. VA claims can also be sent electronically. The payor ID for VA […]

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Rejected Superbills

Superbills are a mainstay of the cash practice. They contain information that the patient can use file their own insurance claims. A major problem with a superbill is that since they are simply a printout on plain paper which means that they could be reproduced and fraudulent claims then submitted by the patient. That’s why […]

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